HellsingeControl AB

HellsingeControl AB is a corporation in Sweden focusing on IT consultancy services within operations, maintenance and security of infrastructure enviroments on mid and large organizations.

With more than 20 years of professional experience within the field of Internet, security, connected equipment and automation, we have a unique experience and understanding of technology mixed with knowledge of business and people. This experience is making us highly adaptable to new situations, and can work in and with all levels in any IT-related business. We can guide and coach any team we are put into or work with the technical side of things ourself.

We have analytical skills combined with a wide experience of the both the human and the technical side of IT that enables us to break down any problem into smaller pieces and find the best solutions. Our consultants are also confident at communicating at any level, which translates into being able to deliver technical proposals to stakeholders, delegate tasks or implement same together as part of a team or independently.

Contact us to inquiry on how we can help your organisation. See “About us” for contact information.